She was bullied because of her weight when she was nine. But look at her now.

Breanna Bond of American Clovis in California was a deeply unhappy child. At 9 years old, the girl weighed 84 kilograms, which was extremely overweight for her age.

Simple childhood joys, like playing with peers, were not available to Breanna. Moreover, it was even difficult for the girl to walk — she slowly shifted from  one foot to another foot. The little girl had practically no friends, and  was bullied by her classmates.


Over the past couple of years, girl’s obesity has become a serious problem. Her mother, Heidi, was seriously frightened. The woman even thought that such changes were a  result of some serious illness.


Parents could no longer look at the suffering of their daughter and sent her to a comprehensive medical examination. Based on the results of the examinations, the girl was given a treatment plan, and after 14 months, Breanna was simply unrecognizable!


Initially, doctors assumed that the girl had some kind of genetic disease or problems with thyroid functioning. But their final verdict was much simpler. According to experts, the source of all Breanna’s troubles is banal overeating and addiction to junk food.

After consulting, the girl’s mom and dad decided that their daughter needed the support of the whole family. After all, if Breanna had to go on a special diet alone, she would inevitably begin to feel like an outcast in her own house.


The Bond family thus managed to say goodbye to junk food. And then the couple, along with their children, began to go on long walks, which had not been in their daily routine before.

This was followed by jogging, and then swimming. It was then that Breanna first found something that she was truly interested in. After 14 months of hard work in the pool, the  girl  got a real chance to participate in the Youth Olympic Games.


During these 14 months, Breanna was able to lose  35 kilograms. Now  she is simply unrecognizable.

Classmates who bullied the girl could not help but notice her perseverance. Soon she became a full-fledged member of the school team and even got into the local cheerleading team. According to the girl’s parents, the main factor in daughter’s victory was their general perseverance. The whole family went for walks and runs in any weather. Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail could make the Bond family turn off the appointed path.

Most importantly, Breanna’s parents were able to admit their mistake in time. Today, for many mothers, “paying off” a child with a pack of chips or a burger from the nearest fast food is the norm.

And when real problems begin, it is easy to blame everything except for overeating, but  remember: the health of our children is in our hands. We have also selected a video on her story;

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She was bullied because of her weight when she was nine. But look at her now.
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